In December of 2009, a small group of people began working on a plan to develop and expand the agriculture sector of our local economy.


Food Farms Community drafted its Vision and Mission statement

  • January The Agricultural Economic Summit identified points the people attending felt were important.
  • May A survey was mailed to all the residents from Edgewood to Trout Lake to gauge support for an agriculture related initiative. The results encouraged the group to continue developing a plan to promote food production and work toward food security.

A proposal was submitted to the Village of Nakusp briefly outlining draft plans for re-purposing of the old fire hall. The response to this proposal was that there would need to be an Expression of Interest (EOI) published before the Council would be in a position to consider any submissions.  Food Farms and Community continued to work on preparation for that date. 

  • March At a meeting with Andrew Jarrett of the Kootenay Boundary Community Services Co-operatives a decision was reached to form a society to respond to the EOI with a plan for the re-purposing of the old fire hall.  The Nakusp and Area Development Board commissioned a building inspection by Lynch Building Inspection Services Ltd.
  • October A street survey reaffirmed community support for a year-round farmers’ market.
  • November A response to EOI-2013-27 was formulated and submitted to the Village of Nakusp
  • March Nakusp Village Council passed a motion authorizing Linda Tynan (CAO) to provide a letter of support, access to the building and to move to a business plan to be submitted to Village Council for approval.
  • May Business Plan received and Memorandum of Understanding approved by Council
  • November Lease Signed with Village of Nakusp
  • November Job Creation Partnership with the Ministry of Social Development and Innovation was signed, creating employment for one part-time and six full-time participants.
  • December Work under the Job Creation Partnership began on-site
  • July Job Creation Partnership ended
  • August Columbia Basin Trust granted funds to complete community kitchens